What to Expect From a Commercial Plumber

Commercial Plumbing Repair Tips

A commercial plumbing repair expert is a professional that installs and maintains large-scale water and waste supply systems for businesses. Their duties could include fitting bathroom and kitchen fixtures, sprinkler systems, drinking fountains, and some exterior work such as laying sewer and water lines. Maintenance work is also part of their job description and can involve fixing blocked drains and burst pipes.

Installing plumbing fixtures in a business does call for more work than in a residential setting. For example, a shopping mall will have multiple bathrooms and drinking fountains, in addition to kitchen facilities in food service areas. Outfitting these needs several steps.

To begin with, the commercial plumber needs to make sure the establishment has a working water supply and waste lines. This will mean digging trenches and laying pipelines in order to connect with the water main and sewage system. When installing these, great care needs to be taken to make sure the clean water supply system is sufficiently protected against any contamination.

Once all these are in place, the commercial plumber will then start to fit the building’s interior. Depending on what the business’s needs are, they may install toilets and bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, fire sprinklers and drinking fountains. In other cases, they could also install boilers or water heaters, although these jobs are sometimes done by a heating and cooling specialist.

The plumber must make sure to take all the appropriate safety measures, to ensure that kitchen drainage is working correctly and the drinking water lines are free from any possible contamination. Also, they need to adhere to all local health codes and regulations pertaining to commercial establishments. Maintenance and plumbing installation are yet another important part of a commercial plumber’s job. For all your businesses commercial plumber repair needs, contact A-1 Patrick's Plumbing & Sewer Services in Chicago Lawn, IL now at (773) 230-3396.

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